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Scott Barton, AIAMy generously supportive and over indulgent woodworking wife (Kay) of 35 years purchased me a beautiful slab (approximately 30” X 70”) of waterfall-grain bubinga about two years ago after I had mentioned seeing it at the Lenexa, Kansas Woodcraft Supply Store. Since then I’ve been trying to create a desk design to compliment the splendor of this piece of wood. The late master cabinetmaker, James Krenov always was able to draw his design inspiration from the wood. However, I decided that I wasn’t up to the challenge so in late November 2009 I had a chance meeting with John Wisniewski, AIA and senior partner with Hollis and Miller Architects, and I broached the idea of a design challenge for his designers. To my astonishment and utter delight he embraced the idea. John you are a saint!

I proceeded to craft the design criteria and upon doing so we settled on a deadline and presentations were observed on December 14, 2009. Unfortunately, only two designers had the personal time to develop and submit their designs. The two designers were Scott Barton, and Andy Gilmore. Both Andy and Scott provided written descriptions of their inspiration for the desk on the renderings (see attachments below).

Scott Barton’s design was chosen as winner of the challenge and received one of my segmented bowls for his efforts. Since then Scott and I have met to work through some construction details and I’m tasked to construct the desk.

Many thanks to John Wisniewski, Andy Gilmore and Scott Barton for their involvement in this very successful design challenge. Guys, I’ll do my best to construct the desk to the best of my ability and hopefully worthy of the wood and the fantastic design.

Scott Barton's Design

Scott Barton's Desk Design

Scott Barton's Desk Design

Scott Barton's Desk Design

Scott Barton's Design

Scott Barton's Design

Andy Gilmore's Desk Design
Andy Gilmore’s Desk Design


2 Responses to “Bubinga Desk Design Challenge”
  1. John Wisniewski says:

    Jay, the article is great and I’m sure Scott and Andy appreciate your acknowledgements.

  2. Steven Todd says:

    I really like the design, can’t wait to see the finished desk!

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