Jesus Bowls

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My good friend Kyle Gorrell started making segmented bowls a couple of years ago in my shop.  He now has his own shop and is creating beautiful objects.  The Jesus bowls were Christmas gifts made for his mother and sister.  He has one bowl to finish for his collection.  I believe there are 107 pieces of wood in each bowl.  The other bowls shown were is first segmented bowls.   His work is of his own design. 

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Tyler’s (Krenov Inspired) Tool Cabinet

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Tyler's Tool Cabinet
Tyler’s (Krenov Inspired) Tool Cabinet
Project completed on June 5, 2011

  • Constructed for 5 year old grandson
  • Casework Material Walnut
  • Casework Stand and Exterior Door Frame Material Ash
  • Interior Doors and Draw Fronts Material Spalted Maple
  • Completion Hours 280

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Alan Lacer’s Woodturning Demo in Kansas City, Missouri

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About 20 woodturners attended an excellent seminar by Alan Lacer sponsored by the Northland Woodturners Club on Saturday, April 30, 2011.  Alan is an outstanding teacher, demonstrator and accomplished woodworker.  He took time to answer all questions thrown at him and gave good empirical answers based on his personal experience.  Alan’s skill with the skew would be difficult to match.  His PG humor and wit was pleasurable.   The topics discussed include metallurgy, finishes, tool selection and skill development through various projects and exercises.  One would think that after 8 hours of lecture, demonstration and Q&A you’d be ready to escape to the beautiful sunshine we had that Saturday, but the time seemed to pass quickly.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the second day of the hands-on seminar.

I can strongly recommend Alan, if you are thinking about attending a woodturning seminar.   Great job Alan!

Tyler’s Tool Cabinet Update May 1, 2011

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I thought readers would be interested in seeing the latest photos of the tool cabinet I’ve designed and is under construction for my 5 year-old grandson.  If he doesn’t become a woodworker, it can be used as an armoire.  I have almost 200 hours in construction.  This is my first attempt to make hand-cut dovetails.  The cabinet has a total of 12 drawers and I have only 4 completed.  I’m happy to report that the fourth drawer turned out better than the first with regards to joint fit.  All the joints are functional but not as attractive as they could be.  Practice, practice and more practice is needed.  I’m following Rob Cossman’s technique for making the joint.

The basic design is a chest-on-stand (James Krenvon inspired) with a touch of Green and Green with a comtempory cornice.  No real style but it seems to work.  Let me know your thoughts about the design.  I’m working form my own sketches so let me know if you would like a copy and I’ll email them to you.

Thanks for visiting our website and please leave a comment.  God Bless!

Kansas City Woodworking Tool Show Highlights

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The DIY Tool Show in Kansas City, really Overland Park Kansas, as always was well attended although several of our guild members thought it was not as well attended as years past.   Even with that said, it is always good to see so many interested in learning  from experts on how they do a certain woodworking process or techniques.  This was my first year for doing a demo on How To Cut the Staves for a segmented bowl.   Thanks to Larry Bowden of ITSI for allowing me to use one of his SawStops for my demonstrations.  The saw performed beautifully and I hope to someday own one.   Several people thanked me for showing the staved bowl making process. Read more

Segmented Stave Bowl Table Saw Sled

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Table Saw Sled Construction (Double click on The Table Saw Sled Construction to see how to make the sled).

Thanks to all who took the time to view the demo on ‘How to Cut Bowl Staves” at the DIY Woodworking Tool Show in Kansas City.  A special thanks goes to Larry Bowden for allowing me to use their SawStop for my demo.  Many of you wanted me to post photos with dimensions of the sled (gig and fixture) I used for the demo.  Don’t hesitate to write or call me if you have any questions or problems with your segmented bowl making.  Read more

Storage Boxes

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The following photos are of some of the storage boxes I’ve designed and constructed for friends and family. Boxes are general used to store personal treasures (jewelry, tools, collectibles, etc.) and those I’ve made are no different.  All the boxes I’ve made, except for one, were given to those who have assisted me somehow professionally, family members or former athletes from my years as a high school industrial arts teacher  and wrestling coach. Some of my former student/athletes have remained friends many years after their high school years.  One box is still in my shopand was originally a drawer left over from a piece of furniture I had made. I tipped it on its end, filled it with smaller drawers and made a couple of doors to complete the project.

I’ve included one set of plans that can be down loaded for your use. Hopefully, it will serve as a starting place for you to design your own treasure or tool box.

Good luck and be sure to use safe woodworking techniques!

Tool Box Model PDF

Oak Tool Box Oak Tool Box Details Oak Tool Box

Back View

Leave Us Comments

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We would like your feedback about our website.  Good or bad, please leave us a comment on this post.  Help us improve our site.  Tell us what things you would like us to write about and/or cover.  If you have questions about something on the site, please let us know.  Thanks!

John Schwartzkopf, Fine Furniturer Maker

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I had the pleasure of meeting wood artist John Schwartzkopf on September 15, 2010 while on a business trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. John was gracious enough to allow me and my co-worker, Kyle Gorrell, to visit his shop, view some of his work in-progress and his wood storage.

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Repurposing an Antique Piano into a Headboard

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The headboard was re-purposed from a family heirloom piano that was my mother-in-laws and a gift from her father or my wife’s grandfather. It was also the piano my wife (Kay) learned to play. Kay was given the piano after her parents retired and moved to the lake so we’ve been storing the piano for at least 13 years. The soundboard was damaged so we never really considered having it repaired back to working condition. After some discussion and with permission from my wife I disassembled the piano. It has been disassembled for a couple of years but with a promise to re-purpose it into a useful piece of furniture. Read more

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