Hickory/Walnut Counter Top

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This counter top was made for a friend to go in his country house.  It is made out of  hickory and trimmed in walnut.  Biscuits were used in all the joints and then it was glued to 3/4″ plywood.  It turned out pretty cool and looked great in his kitchen.

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Nursery Projects

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100_1125After I found out that we were expecting our first child, I knew that it was going to take a little work to get the nursery set up.  For the room itself, I decided I wanted up put up wainscoting around the room.    Since I planned on painting the wainscoting, I built everything out of  mdf except for the top molding that I made out of pine.  I used 1/2″ mdf for the raised panels and side rails and  5/8″ mdf for the top and bottom rails.  Read more

Roll-Top Desk Is a Long-Time in the Making

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Have you ever taken longer than you thought it should to finish a project? Well I might just hold the record! In 1980 a student/athlete of mine who wanted to take my high school woodworking course but he also had plans for a career in medicine. It was difficult for him to work a practical arts class into his busy college-prep schedule. He would come in before school to learn and work on projects. He became very interested in some of the roll-top desks my non-medical bound students were constructing. Again he expressed interest in taking my class because he too “wanted a roll-top”. It was at that time I promised him that if he became a physician that I’d make him his “roll-top. maker-and-desk2About 6 years later I received a call confirming that I had received his medical school graduation invitation and that my family and I would attend, and “oh by the way had I remembered my promise”. I had! So I feverishly started making his desk. I thought why not cut out the parts for three desks so that I could give one to my former athlete, keep one for myself and sell one to pay for the wood. Well I got Dr. Cartland Burns’ desk completed in time for graduation circa 1987. I finished the second desk in 2002, which I sold to a good friend of mine. The last desk is still waiting after 24 years and counting to be completed. The phrase ‘The cobbler’s children have no shoes’ rings true in my home as well as it does in many a woodworker’s.

By the way, Dr. Cartland Burns is a pediatric surgeon working at the University of Pittsburgh, PA. The good doctor still calls his old coach, is still doing his woodworking and his service to the children of Pennsylvania is praiseworthy!

Wooden Tractor

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This is a wooden tractor that I made for my grandfather. I tried to find plans for a tractor like this but I was not able to. I was about to give up until I saw my neighbors John Deere tractor. I borrowed it and took all my measurements. It took me a good solid week to complete this project. It is made from maple and walnut. Everything was handmade except the dowel rod and plugs used for the wheels. After I completed the tractor I knew that I would need to build an enclosed case to keep the grandkids out.

Wooden Tractor 1 tractor002 tractor003

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