Jesus Bowls

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My good friend Kyle Gorrell started making segmented bowls a couple of years ago in my shop.  He now has his own shop and is creating beautiful objects.  The Jesus bowls were Christmas gifts made for his mother and sister.  He has one bowl to finish for his collection.  I believe there are 107 pieces of wood in each bowl.  The other bowls shown were is first segmented bowls.   His work is of his own design. 

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First Segmented Turning by Ron Perry

May 5, 2010 by · Leave a Comment
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This project comes from Ron Perry, his first segmented turning. This is a pen and pencil cup for his wife’s desk at her office. It has 73 pieces in it.  Ron has been taking advantage of the segmented videos found on the HOW website.  We’re very glad that he has shared his work with us.  Great job Ron!

December 2009 Bowls

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December has been a busy month in the shop.  I had cut out some bowls a few months ago but didn’t get motivated to finish them until the need for Christmas presents was looming.  I’ve been turning mostly open-top bowls but decided to make two of the five as closed-top.   My segmented bowl count is  now at 48.

To my delight, my four-year old grandson likes to hangout in the shop with his papa.  Tyler wanted to make his own bowl so he taped together various parts to make his bowl.

tylers-first-taped-up-bowl-12-19-09-003 dec-2009-bowls-001 dec-2009-bowls-002

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