Bubinga Desk Design Challenge

December 26, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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Scott Barton, AIAMy generously supportive and over indulgent woodworking wife (Kay) of 35 years purchased me a beautiful slab (approximately 30” X 70”) of waterfall-grain bubinga about two years ago after I had mentioned seeing it at the Lenexa, Kansas Woodcraft Supply Store. Since then I’ve been trying to create a desk design to compliment the splendor of this piece of wood. Read more

Bubinga Desk Construction Update

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Front Side of Desk has the Natural EdgeSince I work for a public school district, I’ve had time over the Christmas Break to work on the bubinga desk.  One element of the desk that is a bit problematic is the warp (cupping) across the grain and a slight twist in the bubinga slab.  Of course, I was aware of this issue and have tried to address the concern through the desk design.  I asked the designers to consider possible solutions in the design challenge criteria.  Read more

Bubinga Desk Construction Update 1-10-2010

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construction-update-1-10-2010-002After approximately 18 hours of work this weekend, the desk is progressing. The end sub-assemblies have been completed with the birch dowel rods installed. I used the full-size pattern, which were made of 1/4” tempered hardboard, to locate the holes on in the vertical members of the end panels. I first drilled the holes (1/2”) in the full-size lay-out templates. Read more

Desk Update 1-18-2010

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Top After Re-Sanding 1-18-2010Many thanks to Steven Todd for his assistance in helping me move the desk to the Lee’s Summit Woodworking Guild meeting on January 12. Many guild members told me how much they liked the contemporary look. Several commented that they would have never been able to visualize such a design. Exactly my thoughts and why I’m so pleased that Scott Barton (architect) accepted the design challenge. Read more

KC Woodworking Tool Show Project Contest

February 21, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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KC Woodworking Show Project DiscussionI’d like to thank those of you who attended and voted for the bubinga desk that I entered in the KC Woodworking Tool Show “Project Show Off” contest which took place February 19-22, 2010.  A special thanks to my good friend Steven Todd, who hauled the desk to and from the show and to the desk’s resting place in my office.  To follow the journey of the bubinga desk you can read the previous articles on this website about how my wife (Kay) bought the bubinga for me; Read more

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