How to Sharpen a Stanley #55 Hollow Spokeshave

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How to sharpen a #55 spokeshave

The PowerPoint (PDF)will provide you enough information needed to sharpen a Stanley #55 Spoke Shave.

How to use a shop-made KerfMaker

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This video will explain how you can build your own KerfMaker and how to use it to cut a snug-fitting dado.

01: Shop Tour

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A visit to anyone’s shop is a very personal thing. I’ve always enjoyed visiting fellow woodworkers’ shops and never miss a chance when invited. I’ve been blessed to have a wife that is in total support of my woodworking and though most of my equipment is used I’m pleased with the tools and equipment I’m the caretaker off. I’ve had the pleasure to actually visit one of the most famous American woodworker’s shops to have ever lived—Sam Maloof. Welcome to my humble shop! View the video series on How to Design and Construct Segmented Bowls and a PowerPoint presentation on the website

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