Desk Update 1-18-2010

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Top After Re-Sanding 1-18-2010Many thanks to Steven Todd for his assistance in helping me move the desk to the Lee’s Summit Woodworking Guild meeting on January 12. Many guild members told me how much they liked the contemporary look. Several commented that they would have never been able to visualize such a design. Exactly my thoughts and why I’m so pleased that Scott Barton (architect) accepted the design challenge.

I rushed the sanding of the top so that I could take it to the meeting. I’ve re-sanded the entire top by hand starting with 60-grit and finishing with 600-grit wet/dry abrasive and have started re-applying the wipe-on finish. Finish sanding with the finer grit has lighten the appearance and allows more the waterfall grain to be accentuated.
I still need to construct the drawer. I practiced cutting some hand-cut dovetails in the shop today and man do I need to practice these techniques. I’m going to have to settle for machined dovetails for now until I have time to make an acceptable hand-cut dovetail. Notice, I didn’t say “master the hand-cut dovetailing”.


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  1. john says:

    Yes, the desk has a really very different look!Keep it up!I think you design it first on paper right!Woodworking is great art!

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