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Tyler Using Spokeshave
If you believe strongly enough that woodworking is a worthwhile avocation; then take the time to encourage, instruct and nature the skills and knowledge in the young people you can influence. My grandson Tyler who is now seven loves spending time in the shop with his papa doing small projects which will someday have a major impact on his life. We started with making a wooden knife and gouge so that he could learn to whittle a boat out of a bar of soup. He carefully worked on that bar of soap until it took on a boat-like shape and then hollowed out the center with the wooden gouge. The whole process, including the making of the tools took about an hour. We both had a great time! In a couple of years he will be ready to use his whittling knife which is stored in his tool cabinet (see articles on Tyler’s Tool Cabinet on this website).

Tyler who is seven has graduated to using a spokeshave to make an arrowhead/spearhead (watch video below). This is the second time he’s used this tool, which is very safe for his age to use, even though it’s sharp. Only a 1/64” or less of the iron protrudes from the tool but it gives him the opportunity to create a 3D object. After laying out the arrowhead, I cut out the basic shape on the band saw. I then demonstrated how to find the center of the board width wise and along the edge so that he could keep the shape fairly symmetrical. A hole was drilled in the end so that a dowel rod could be inserted. A short lesson on how to use the tool and he was off making shavings or curlicues.

Now with pride in his voice he calls me to the workbench to show me the length of the curlicues he’s created and then says in a quiet voice “papa,listen to the sound the tool makes when its cutting, doesn’t it sound good!”

Lesson learned and future woodworker under construction!

Click on link to watch video: Tyler Spokeshave


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