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Tyler Using Spokeshave
If you believe strongly enough that woodworking is a worthwhile avocation; then take the time to encourage, instruct and nature the skills and knowledge in the young people you can influence. My grandson Tyler who is now seven loves spending time in the shop with his papa doing small projects which will someday have a major impact on his life. We started with making a wooden knife and gouge so that he could learn to whittle a boat out of a bar of soup. He carefully worked on that bar of soap until it took on a boat-like shape and then hollowed out the center with the wooden gouge. The whole process, including the making of the tools took about an hour. We both had a great time! In a couple of years he will be ready to use his whittling knife which is stored in his tool cabinet (see articles on Tyler’s Tool Cabinet on this website). Read more

Woodcraft’s Segmented Bowl Making Class Feb. 23-24, 2013

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Mike, Keith,Stuart, Don
Four gentlemen attended the second class I’ve taught on segmented bowl making this past weekend at Woodcraft Supply in Lenexa, Kansas. It was my pleasure to demonstrate the basics on how to design, construct and turn a segmented bowl. I’m pleased to report that all four completed their first segmented bowl. During the 16 hours of hands-on instruction and shop time we covered a great deal of information and related techniques used in making segmented bowls. According to the responses from the attendees, the class assisted them in demystifying some of the aspects of this form of woodworking. For me, it was fantastic to be the one given the opportunity to start another group off on their journey into segmented bowl making. However, the best thing was the chance to make four new friends who now share this passion we call woodworking. Read more

Free Segmented Bowl Demo

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Segmented Bowl Demo

Segmented Bowl Demo

Segmented Class Group Photo August 2012 Click on this attachment to see photos and comments from the last group who took the class in August 2012.

On Saturday, February 2, 1pm-2pm, Jay Helland will demonstrate how to cut stave-type segments using a table saw and sled. If you’ve ever been interested in getting started making segmented bowls this would be a good time to see this part of the process in person. The videos on this website obviously don’t show every step of the procedure, nor give you the opportunity for Q & A. You can sign-up for the two-day class on segmented bowl making at Woodcraft, 8645 Bluejacket Road, Lenexa, Kansas 66214 or call 913-599-2800. Tuition for the two-day class is $195 per session.

I hope to see you at the Free Demo so mark your calendar.

Christmas Gifts 2012

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This Christmas I decided to make gifts for my co-workers who have leadership or support roles in the Facilities Services department of the Lee’s Summit School District. This was my way of showing them that I really appreciate the professionalism and camaraderie they display daily. For me, I get the pleasure of making the item and then in seeing friends receive a handmade one-of-kind gift. This year it took about 9 months to complete the 20 segmented turning.

What a great group of individuals to work with!

Click on photos mutiple time to enlarge.

Facs 2

Gifts Christmas 2012

Instructions on How to Create an 8 Point Star

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The following instructions can be used with the video produced for this project so that the reader can learn how to create a medallion for the base or bottom of their segmented bowls. View the video, down load and print the instructions so that you can build the medallion. Good luck and be safe in the shop!

Click on the link below:
8 Point Star Instructions

15: How to Construct the 8 Point Star Medallion

This video will demo the highlights of how to construct an 8 Point Star medallion for the bottom of your segmented bowl.

2012 Kansas City Tool Show

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This year’s woodworking tool show was again held at the Overland Park International Trade Convention Center January 28-30,2012.  The show was fairly well attended and the Lee’s Summit Woodworkers Guild was well represented with many of its members bringing in some of the finest projects for display.  In addition to the guild display the Tool Show and Bosch Tools sponsored the “Show Off Project” contest.  For the third consecutive year I entered a project for judging by the show’s attendees.  I’m happy to report that Tyler’s Tool Cabinet came in first place but the competition was tough.  I would like to thank those who took the time to vote for their favorite project! Read more

Jesus Bowls

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My good friend Kyle Gorrell started making segmented bowls a couple of years ago in my shop.  He now has his own shop and is creating beautiful objects.  The Jesus bowls were Christmas gifts made for his mother and sister.  He has one bowl to finish for his collection.  I believe there are 107 pieces of wood in each bowl.  The other bowls shown were is first segmented bowls.   His work is of his own design. 

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Tyler’s (Krenov Inspired) Tool Cabinet

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Tyler's Tool Cabinet
Tyler’s (Krenov Inspired) Tool Cabinet
Project completed on June 5, 2011

  • Constructed for 5 year old grandson
  • Casework Material Walnut
  • Casework Stand and Exterior Door Frame Material Ash
  • Interior Doors and Draw Fronts Material Spalted Maple
  • Completion Hours 280

Read more

Alan Lacer’s Woodturning Demo in Kansas City, Missouri

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About 20 woodturners attended an excellent seminar by Alan Lacer sponsored by the Northland Woodturners Club on Saturday, April 30, 2011.  Alan is an outstanding teacher, demonstrator and accomplished woodworker.  He took time to answer all questions thrown at him and gave good empirical answers based on his personal experience.  Alan’s skill with the skew would be difficult to match.  His PG humor and wit was pleasurable.   The topics discussed include metallurgy, finishes, tool selection and skill development through various projects and exercises.  One would think that after 8 hours of lecture, demonstration and Q&A you’d be ready to escape to the beautiful sunshine we had that Saturday, but the time seemed to pass quickly.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the second day of the hands-on seminar.

I can strongly recommend Alan, if you are thinking about attending a woodturning seminar.   Great job Alan!

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