Repurposing an Antique Piano into a Headboard

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The headboard was re-purposed from a family heirloom piano that was my mother-in-laws and a gift from her father or my wife’s grandfather. It was also the piano my wife (Kay) learned to play. Kay was given the piano after her parents retired and moved to the lake so we’ve been storing the piano for at least 13 years. The soundboard was damaged so we never really considered having it repaired back to working condition. After some discussion and with permission from my wife I disassembled the piano. It has been disassembled for a couple of years but with a promise to re-purpose it into a useful piece of furniture.

I broached the idea of re-purposing it into a headboard for a new queen size bed we purchased for a spare bedroom. Kay thought it sounded like a great idea so I pulled out all the piano pieces and laid them out on the driveway. Then the fun started! After an hour of rearranging and more design collaboration with Kay and Steven Todd, my first attempt at re-purposing began.

The backbone of the headboard is ¾” sheet of plywood. But joints reinforced with screws made the joinery go quickly. Kay insisted that the wood not be refinished. She liked the patina and didn’t care about a few scratches. With assistance from Steven Todd it took about 25 hours to clean the wood with Murphy Oil Soap, design and assembly entire headboard. The piano was attached to the wall with a French cleat.

The headboard was started and completed all during the Labor Day weekend 2010 except for the 8 hours it took to disassembling the piano couple of years ago.

All of the headboard components were made from the original piano parts except for the plywood backbone and the French cleat. As always many thanks to Steven for his strong arms, sharp mind and good design ideas.


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  2. Marce says:

    I actually gasped when I saw this and said out loud, OMG! I love it. My husband dismantled an old dinosaur of a piano a few years back but did not save it. Threw it in the dumpster. I am so sad. But, I have another. I was going to make a dry bar out of it…now I am rethinking that because of this pic/story. Thanks! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this! Totally awesome!

    • Jay Helland says:

      I’m so glad you like the idea of the piano headboard! I’m really not finisthed with this project. My plan is make the two night stands by cuting the piano bench seat in half or thirds. Raise them up somehow and use recyled marble to make the backs. The marble will be taller than the top shelf and will act as a backsplash to keep items from sliding off.

  3. Nick Gerhardt says:

    Hi Jay,

    I’m working on a story about repurposed items and wanted to feature your piano headboard in the story. I would provide a link to your site and a photo credit. Let me know what you think.

    Nick Gerhardt

    • Jay Helland says:

      That fine with me. I’m curious as to where the article will eventually be posted and how did you discover this website?

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