03: Cutting Bowl Staves – Part 2

In this video you will learn how to set up and cut individual stave-type segments using a table saw. I use an after-market miter gage made by Kreg that incorporates a veneer scale that divides an angle into tenths of a degree. You should refer to the posting on the HOW website of the PDF document of a PowerPoint I’ve created to assist woodworkers with this whole bowl making process, included is a photo with dimensions of the table saw sled so that you can construct one for your use.


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  1. Peter Fabricius says:

    Hi Jay;
    I have watched your video on making a staved segmented bowl. Fantastic work and a very good presentation. I am a long time, accomplished turner but I have just started making my first segmented bowl.. As a member of the Woodworking Friends Web site Forum we are being tutored by one of our members on how to proceed.
    This is very “neat” and I can certainly see myself making more.
    One of the bowls you show in the video series has a star in the segmented bottom.
    I would really like to learn how to do that.
    Is there some way that you could help me with this learning?
    Thank you so much for the video series.
    Peter Fabricius
    Hanover, Ontario

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