Segmented Bowl Making PowerPoint

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Segmented Bowl Making PowerPoint

Double click on the link above to view the PowerPoint presentation. This PowerPoint was developed with the videos for presentations at woodworking guilds and high school woodworking shops. Now it is made available for self-study. The original PowerPoint had the videos hyperlinked in the presentation to better demonstrate this woodworking process. Now you can view the videos and PowerPoint on the HOW website. However, one-on-one instruction is available for a reasonable fee to those interested in hands-on instruction in my studio. Many thanks to my segmented bowl making mentor, the late Sonnie Sharrar, for his patience and guidance to many woodworkers in the Greater Kansas City area.

I suggest you print the powerpoint so that you can take notes while watching the videos. Please contact me via email if you have questions.   Jay S. Helland

09: Turning Outside of Bowl – Part 8

This video demonstrates how to turn the outside of the bowl after it has been glued to a wooden face plate. Again, refer to the post “Segmented Bowl Making PowerPoint” on this website for the PDF document created to assist the woodworker with this whole bowl making process.

06: Sanding Bowl Halves – Part 5

The following video demonstrates the method used to match the bowl halves together by sanding them a disc sander. Make sure that the table and the disc are 90 degrees to each other. I normally use a 60-grit or courser abrasive disc. If you cannot seem to get the halves to fit perfectly together; with the disc sander turned off, hold the disc so that it will not turn with one hand and rub the bowl half back and forth. Continue this process until the two halves fit perfectly without any light showing through a the glue joint when you hold it up to the light source.

02: Segmented Bowl Design Basics – Part 1

Segmented Vessel Instructions 5-16-2016 PDF

Click on the above attachment to download a free set on instructions for making segmented turnings.

This video walks the beginner through the initial process of designing a segmented bowl without using one of the many sophisticated computer programs available to wood turners. The focus is primarily dealing with stave-type design, which incorporates the use of compound miter joints cut on a table saw. However, I almost always incorporate both stave and block miter segments in the design of my bowls. Block miter segments are simply done by determining how many segments you need and dividing 360 degrees by the number of segments times 2. So the formula: miter angle=360/ (# of segments X 2). I use a computer program created by Kevin Neely to design my bowls. His program is easy to use and can be purchased from his website.

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