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safetplanerWe’ve had a couple people contact us with concerns about using the Wagner Safe-T-Planer since it’s no longer on the market. In a couple of our videos, we use this planer on the drill press to flatten the top and bottom of the bowl after you glue the staves up.

I searched the web to see if I could find information about why the planer was discontinued and I didn’t really find anything. I found one retailer that said “Wagner Safe-T-Planer – Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the Wagner Safe-T-Planer has retired and we no longer have access to this great tool. “. I did find where Woodworker.com has a WOODTEK® 24-760 DRILL PRESS PLANER for sale for $35, which looks identical to the Wagner Safe-T-Plane.

If you use a planer like this on your drill press, be sure to follow the owners manual. One alternitive to flattening the top and bottome of your bowl is to build a jig that you can use on your lathe. Please leave us comments about what you think about a drill press planer.


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