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Ron Petitt, Spokane, Washington

Since Steven Todd and I started this website several years ago, many have written or called with positive comments about its content. We really are just a couple of guys who have a passion for all forms of woodworking and wish to share it with others. Over the years some have sent photos of segmented bowls they’ve made using techniques learned from watching videos and/or reviewing the PowerPoints that have been posted on the site.  In addition, some have taken a class or just stopped by the shop for a pointer or two.  Usually, I learn as much from them as they do from me.

So we are asking if you’ve benefited in some small way from any of the articles or videos, would you consider sending us photos of your work and include your name and where you live so that we can share your experience with others. Ideally, a photo of you and your work would allow us to put a name with a face.

You can hover over the photos to see who the craftsmen are and from where they live. To the best of my knowledge, we’ve helped woodworkers from Spokane, Washington to Corpus Christi, Texas make beautiful objects from techniques learned. We are not so presumptuous to think that these talented people learned everything from the information presented on this site but we hope we’ve provided some inspiration or stimulus for them.

Jay S. Helland

Segmented Bowl Turning 011  Ron Petitt, Spokane, Washington Nov 06 2011_6836 Waukeene Vinson, Corpus Christi, Texas  Roy Wall, Lee's Smmit, Mo.


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