Woodcraft’s Segmented Bowl Making Class Feb. 23-24, 2013

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Mike, Keith,Stuart, Don
Four gentlemen attended the second class I’ve taught on segmented bowl making this past weekend at Woodcraft Supply in Lenexa, Kansas. It was my pleasure to demonstrate the basics on how to design, construct and turn a segmented bowl. I’m pleased to report that all four completed their first segmented bowl. During the 16 hours of hands-on instruction and shop time we covered a great deal of information and related techniques used in making segmented bowls. According to the responses from the attendees, the class assisted them in demystifying some of the aspects of this form of woodworking. For me, it was fantastic to be the one given the opportunity to start another group off on their journey into segmented bowl making. However, the best thing was the chance to make four new friends who now share this passion we call woodworking.

I’d be remised not to thank my deceased segmented bowl making mentor (George “Sonnie” Sharrar) for the tutelage he endow me with, which in turns allows me to pass along his woodworking legacy.

Please contact me or check out the Woodcraft Supply website for the next class offered on segmented bowl making. In case segmented turning isn’t your cup of tea, Woodcraft Supply offers a whole assortment of classes and one might be of interest to you.

Thanks guys for asking so many good questions, for working hard and making this a wonderful experience for this “poor old shop teacher”. Be sure to send me photos of the projects you complete and be safe in your shops! God Bless!!
The Guys 3

The Guys 2

Stuart on the lathe 2

Stuart on the lathe 1

Stuart Dexter

Mike, Keith,Stuart, Don

Mike Hunter 3

Mike Hunter 2

MIke Hunter 1

Mike and Keith on lathe

Keith on the lathe 2

Keith on the lathe 1

Keith Duer

Keith Duer 1

Don Rodgers 2

Don Rodgers 1

Don on the lathe2

Stuart Dexter Lathe Work  1

Stuart Dexter Lathe Work 2

Men at Work 1

Stuart Dexter Band Saw

Mike Hunter Working It Out
Don Rodgers Lathe

Men at Work 2

Mike Hunter Facing Off BowlThe Guys on Lathes
Don on the Lathe<


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